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The future
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Timeline – to keep everyone in the know about everything important

Campaign evaluation – keep the data and the verbal evaluation in one place

Campaigns plan – clearly visualised marketing plan for the entire period

Channels overview – when, what and how often you use each marketing channel

Media plan – goal and budget for each channel and each point of the campaign

Automatic evaluation – no analysts, just evaluation of all activities automatically and immediately

Financial plan – plan your entire budget across all campaigns, channels, and individual points of your marketing

Company goal – set a clear goal and create a plan with action steps to achieve it

Company strategy – create a strategy to get your whole team moving in the same direction

Campaign templates – create your own or use our templates for faster planning

Data from ads systems – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, … data from all the providers you use

Data from social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, … data from all the providers you use

Data from SEO tools – Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, … data from all the providers you use

Funnel – plan entire way to achieve your main goal

Ideas and tests – describe and test all the ideas you have

And more! 😎🤓

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🗺️ Campaign plan and evaluation

📈 Google Analytics, automatic reports to email and Slack, bug reporting

👯‍♀️ New graphic design, multiple companies and users

🆕 Introduction to a new version of Storymkrs

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