Plan and evaluate all your marketing activities

Explore a list of our features that should help you and your marketing team to save time, keep an overview of your activities and drive a bigger impact.

Create a plan for your marketing

Only a clear goal and a long-term plan of marketing activities will give your company direction and a clear idea of the steps that will lead to achieving it.
What does your long-term plan look like?

Plan campaigns as simply as possible

Keep all the important information, data and insights about your marketing campaign in one place. Your team will thank you.
How many Excels do you have information in now?

Use data in the right context

Data without proper context is useless. You need to see if you are on track to achieve your goals and if you will achieve them on time.
Do you have the data to make the right decisions when you need it?

Keep track of every major event

Create visibility on things that you might want to remember or those that you need to keep in mind going forward. Connect with other departments and let them share anything that might influence your job as a marketer.
Were you ever wondering why data from last year look the way they are?

Plan your marketing more easily

Company level planning

Keep visibility on goals, budgets, and their progress in one place and how they are impacted by specific campaigns.

Be aware of your presence across channels to keep your marketing voice at ideal level and unified.


See a basic overview of the budget and goal progress of your campaigns.

Easily measure the impact of your brand campaigns on your company.

Campaign planning

Plan your campaigns in one place with a clear overview of channels, UTMs, creatives, and timing.

Move their preparation through all specialists at ease.

Silo-breaking communication

Automate awareness of your activities across your company to break the silos between teams.

Make sales, supply chain, or HR team set up for success.

Source of truth

Decrease the amount of time spent across files, folders, and communication channels.

Marketing plans, brand identity, tone of voice, and all other information and materials are now visible for everyone.

Playground for ideas

Keep track of ideas and their use across campaigns to drive innovation and creativity.

Manage backlog to never miss on new opportunities coming from within your team.

Automatic reporting

Fast access dashboards and overviews will increase the effectiveness of your work.

Move from regular manual labor to on-demand information access.

Notification system

Notify each member of your team about what should be done and what is starting each day or each week.

Have control over budget pacing and goal delivery.

Ready to get started?

We believe that transparency is important to create the best software for marketers. That’s why we’ve created a public roadmap.