Our vision

We know that time is precious, so if you have just a few minutes, our vision should make clear why our platform can help you.


“Each of our 70,000 employees spends about 3 hours each day sending emails, messages or entering tasks in their calendars” – Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK

What does it mean? With 3 hours per day around 60 hours per month, which means 1 000 USD per person is wasted.

We aim to decrease this wasting by 50% for your company.


Clarity – to create one place for all information, plans, materials, knowledge, and data.

Foolproof – your junior specialist can plan a marketing campaign and not forget any important part.

Efficiency – no unnecessary communication and team involvement. Automated campaign evaluation with run rates and predictions means saving time and money.

Who should care?

CMOs, Heads of Marketing, and business owners. You already most likely bought tools and platforms for your specialists. Isn`t it time to give yourself a tool above them all?

But we aim to give back even to the team by making their life easier and keep an eye on mistakes or issues for them.

Can I solve it without you?

Well, you are probably already trying. Through the huge amount of Gdrive files, Google sheets, links, and regular meetings. 

In the end, the complexity will always get to the point when you cannot find anything or need guidance from somebody else which is leading to – yes, once again lost time and excessive communication.

So what exactly are you building?

You can call it Productboard for marketing teams or project management specialized in marketing.

With simplicity as the main goal, we want to arm you with a Marketing hub and source of truth that will give you better visibility and increase the effectivity of your team.

Why us? And why will it work?

We believe that our team has unique experience across types of companies and marketing to understand the problem in detail.

BUT, our main weapon to give you the best possible platform and impact is the ongoing validation of ideas, features, and concepts that is driving what features we are creating.

And so far, 8 out of 10 companies we`ve spoken to sees value and something they were missing (sometimes without realizing) to do their marketing better.


Radek Duha, Founder & CEO of Storymkrs

Does it make sense?

If you agreed at least with part of Our Vision, we recommend you to check our features and see what specifically will help you to amplify your marketing voice.

And we are always happy to discuss our tool personally, so don`t hesitate to Contact Us.