Are we a match?

You are most likely wondering if we are specifically for your company, brand or project. On next few lines we would like to help you answer this question.

B2B or B2C?

We strongly believe that at the core, both business types have the same marketing process.

You have goals, you have marketing channels, you need to convert and sell.

If you are B2B or B2C company, your are a match with Storymkrs!

Digital or 360 marketing?

Does it really matter? You need to have all the planning in one place and make actionable decisions.

Plan your campaigns, collect ideas, make sure you follow your brand story. Approve creatives, check on goals, and have timings and budgets under control.

If you are running online or offline marketing activities, you are a match with Storymkrs!

Big or small company?

It’s not about a size of a company, but the size of the marketing team.

From experience, we know that large marketing teams can cover a lot of friction by sheer human power. Therefore we are the best match with marketing teams with 0-5 people. On the other hand, we successfully validated the product with even bigger teams.

If you have 0-10 people in your marketing team, we are most likely a match for you!

Best way to be sure? Book a demo with us!

In the end, it`s about your specific needs and work process. Don`t hesitate to request our time and we will happily show you around our product and check if the tool makes sense for your team.

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Our premium features are paid, but you can cancel anytime. Test our free option and upgrade once sure.

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