In-house marketing team or marketing agency?

We have benefits and solutions for both worlds. Choose who you are below and we will show you all opportunities.

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In-house marketing team

Who else can leverage benefits of using Storymkrs?

Companies that want higher transparency with their agency

Marketing agencies are already using Storymkrs to increase transparency with their clients, share information and files effectively and save time for both sides.

Do the same with your marketing agency.

Solopreneurs that want to have everything at one place

It’s hard to keep everything organized and on track when handling all parts of your business. Get your daily data into the same planes where you plan your marketing.

Increase your capacity by getting organized.

Freelancers handling multiple clients across multiple channels

Where benefits of using marketing planning tool grow with the number of marketers within the team, for freelancers it’s the same with increasing clients and channels.

Be more efficient as a freelance marketer too.

Companies seeking higher visibility between marketing and others

Break the silos and let everybody in the company stay aware of what is going on and when. The last missing piece for peak efficiency might be cooperation between departments.

Open your marketing to the rest of the company.

Ready to get started?

We believe that transparency is important to create the best software for marketers. That’s why we’ve created a public roadmap.