Make your in-house marketing team more effective

As a in-house marketing team you are always looking on how to handle more channels and activities with current team, align better within as well  as with the rest of the company and keep team happy and passionate

We know what every in-house marketing team needs to increase efficiency:

Increased capacity


  • no more searching for information about campaigns
  • all materials and documents are organized in one place
  • no need to wait for a specialist for basic updates

Focus on important activities


  • less unimportant requests and unnecessary calls
  • visibility on over-arching goals and impact of each campaign
  • decisions based on context and work of rest of the team



  • visibility on what is happening across campaigns and channels
  • transparent usage of all marketing channels within the whole company
  • instant access to progress and data for anybody

How Storymkrs can help you to achieve it

Plan your campaigns easily

No more Sheets and low visibility on anything you are planning

Easily plan activities across all channels, share information or files and make changes whenever you need.

Visibility to all activities will make your cooperation smoother and strategies more precise.

Never search for information again

No more searching for any information or file across emails, messages or any other place and fewer unnecessary sync calls.

Keep all the important information, data and insights about your marketing campaigns in one place with a structure respecting marketing needs

A single source of truth will easily decrease the number of messages and save up to 8 hours per month for each member of the team.

Context and progress at hand anytime

No more logging into multiple places or requesting input from specialists.

Get access to progress and results anytime with automatic updates within the tool, next to all information and materials or into your email or Slack.

A simple basic overview will immediately decrease the number of requests. 

Impact on your business?

Marketers saving up to 8 hours each month


  • increased capacity for more activities, tests and experiments
  • happier and more rested team

The team focuses on impact, not maintenance


  • renewed passion for new projects and campaigns
  • increased creativity and ability to focus on detail

Improved visibility and alignment


  • team and other departments have visibility on activities and impact
  • optimized usage of all channels and less workload for specialists

Ok, but what are specific features that will help you?

Campaign planning and evaluation

Plan your campaigns in one place with a clear overview of channels, UTMs, creatives, and timing.

Move their preparation through all specialists at ease.


See a basic overview of the budget and goal progress of your campaigns.

Easily measure the impact of your campaigns on the client.

Company level planning

Keep visibility on goals, budgets, and their progress in one place and how they are impacted by specific campaigns.

Be aware of your presence across channels to keep your marketing voice at ideal level and unified.

Single source of truth

Decrease the amount of time spent across files, folders, and communication channels.

Marketing plans, brand identity, tone of voice, and all other information and materials are now visible for everyone.

Share point

Easily organize and share any files or materials with the team or other departments in one place with a structure respecting all activities.

Never lose track of anything important again.


Want to see everything in action?

We believe that transparency is important to create the best software for marketers. That’s why we’ve created a public roadmap.