Product Hunt launch

7.10.2022 9:00-24:00, online:

Do you want to support us? Be ready on 7th October to help us reach Top 5 products of the day on Product Hunt

How you can support us?

What does it mean – “Product Hunt launch”?

Product Hunt is a popular website with a  community interested in exploring new tools and startups. New products compete each day by collecting upvotes and the Top 5 products each day will get exposure and be featured in the regular newsletter. 

Exposure of course means more visits, more users and increased potential for growth and success.

How can you help?

It will mean a lot if you will just visit our product page on Product Hunt during launch (7th October 2022, between 9 AM CET and 12 PM CET) and participate by commenting (how useful are solution is, how you liked our product or how big the issue we are solving is in your life – be honest and choose one that is true and suits you), by upvoting or if you really like us, share info about the launch to relevant channels or people in your network. 

What if you don’t have a registration on Product Hunt?

Only way to participate is to have one. But you can register for free. Product hunt is trying to limit fake support, so if you will do it now and upvote some other tools you like, it will help the weight of your support within the algorithm.

But there are plenty of interesting products every day, so maybe you will find something you like. 

Do you want us to notify you about the launch? Leave your email contact below!

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