Organize and plan your marketing at one place

In a business world, Storymkrs makes it easy for teams to achieve their collective goals and create professional campaigns together, with premium features like automated analytics, data distribution, alerting, and more.

Have you ever felt the same?

Marketing operations can be hard.

We keep hearing the same things from companies across the market:

We keep losing time

“There are just too many channels with info about the campaigns – e-mail, Slack, workspace.”

“The number of sheets and files on Gdrive or cloud is piling up and it is hard to navigate.”

“People are losing track of information and structures, which is hurting consistency and evaluation process.”

It’s hard to keep track of things

“I don’t know what the rest of the team is working on and how it will impact my work.”

“There are just too many calls on what will happen this week.”

“I don’t know how my work contributes to company success.”

Data are great, but it’s not easy to distribute them

“I would love to know the performance of our campaigns sooner than one month after they ended.”

Sometimes there is everything running on one channel and sometimes we just forget to use one – it’s disappointing.

“Our specialists are spending too much time reporting and sharing progress instead of working on something new.”

We can help with that!

How to improve your marketing?

With Storymkrs you can easily keep everything from your plan, information, and data in one place easily accessible and actionable for your whole marketing team.

All information in one place

Catalogue and organize information about all your campaigns. Share business information, media plan, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, and all necessary files in one place.

Plan marketing activitives

Gradually build each of your campaigns with no more losing any information across your usual communication channels

See easily the usage of each channel

Automatic overview of activities across channels to easily spot overuse or opportunity

Data and evaluation easily accessible anytime

Visibility on the progress, pacing or results of your campaigns anytime.

Alerts and notifications on important things

Get notified about any unusual behaviour of your campaigns or have a simple overview delivered to you through your preferred channel.

Simple, yet able to contain your whole marketing.


Storymkrs timeline

Automatic channel overview

Storymkrs automatically generate activity for each channel from all your campaigns


All campaigns in one place

Catalog of all campaigns with related information you can share across team


Media Plan for each campaign

Never lose track again when and where each activity within your campaign takes place.


Do we have any other features?


Integrations you need

Connect anything important to you – Asana, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and others or get information via e-mail or Slack.


All types of campaigns

Flash sales, classic start to end campaigns, recurring promotions or always-on activities.


Timeline of milestones

Keep track of anything that can influence your data analysis or work – as updates of website or start of offline promotion


Test and ideas playground

Store and develop ideas, tests or experiments, track their deployment and evaluate the impact


Media and content plan

Create easy visibility of anything that is planned and how it works or collide with other activities


Financial plan

Watch over global or campaign budgets and easily transfer resources from one place to another

How to start?

3 clicks are enough to start. Try to organize your marketing activities for free, decide to make the next step anytime.