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We can help you to organize your marketing and campaigns so you will never get lost again in notes, e-mails and sheets. No more unproductive searching, chats and meetings.

Have you ever felt the same?

Marketing operations can be hard.

We keep hearing the same things from companies across the market:

“There are just too many channels with info about the campaigns – e-mail, Slack, workspace.”

“The number of sheets and files on Gdrive or cloud is piling up and it is hard to navigate.”

“People are losing track of information and structures, which is hurting consistency and evaluation process.”

We can help with that!

How to save your time?

Are you getting lost among e-mails, chats, sheets, files and meetings? Save 8 hours per month to focus on what you love – marketing.

All information in one place

Catalogue and organize information about all your campaigns. Share business information, media plan, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, and all necessary files in one place.

Plan marketing activitives

Gradually build each of your campaigns with no more losing any information across your usual communication channels

See easily the usage of each channel

Automatic generation of activities across channels to easily spot overuse or opportunity

Simple, yet able to contain your whole marketing.


Storymkrs timeline

Automatic channel overview

Storymkrs automatically generate activity for each channel from all your campaigns


All campaigns in one place

Catalog of all campaigns with related information you can share across team


Media Plan for each campaign

Never lose track again when and where each activity within your campaign takes place.


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