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Plan and evaluate your marketing without sheets

From ideas to campaigns. Our platform takes your team through a streamlined marketing workflow. Manage activities from answering your basic business questions and goals to leveraging campaigns on various marketing channels with one platform.

See the workflow from vision to publishing

Everyone in the team can follow the campaign`s whole workflow. From the budget planning, building, publishing, to the analysis of the campaign`s impact and performance.

Plan marketing activitives

Share business information, media plan, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, and all necessary files in one place.

Leverage the data-driven marketing platform

Find analysis of your past campaigns through APIs to optimize your marketing efforts. No additional development or technical skills are needed to use your data.

Reach your target groups

See the target group of the campaign and gain advice on how to reach it.

Multi-channel marketing under your control

From social media, e-mailing and TV to billboards. Make use of performance data from all your channels in one platform.


Daniel Nebřenský

Daniel Nebřenský

Digital Strategist, marketing agency BOOTIQ

“I liked the idea behind Storymkrs immediately. I have a detailed overview of all campaigns and can easily access any past campaigns easily including their results. Overall both clients and my team are up to date, the amount of non-crucial communication decreased and the whole cooperation is much smoother.”

How to start?

3 clicks are enough to start. Try to organize your marketing activities for free, decide to make the next step anytime.

Free Trial

Have all your marketing activities in one place. Plan your campaigns and have the progress under control.

Paid Access

Connect your marketing hub to the data and say “Good Bye” to all sheets. Import data automatically, see trends and comparisons or let automatic notifications make your life stress-free.

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Who Are We

Storymkrs are proudly starting in Czech republic with an ambition to influence the work-life of marketing teams across the globe.

“Marketers know what they are doing if it comes to their specialization. But once you will try to align them under one brand, one voice, one structure – it always ends with hours spent in Gdrive, sheets, emails and calls just to stay up-to-date with not just new information, but old as well.

With Storymkrs we would like to create a platform not just for CMOs, but their teams as well. So they can have one source of truth, save a huge amount of time for work that will have an impact (and that they love).

Check out our vision HERE to explore further how and why we want to impro the daily life of marketing teams around the globe.”

Radek Duha, Founder & CEO of Storymkrs




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