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What is a marketing project management tool?

You’re busy running marketing campaigns, managing your team and figuring out what to do next. You could use a tool to help you get more done in less time. You spend all your time managing campaigns and managing your team, but you’re still missing critical information....

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How to organize your marketing team?

1. Identifying the roles within the marketing team: The first step in organizing your marketing team is to identify the roles within the marketing team. The structure of a company’s marketing team varies depending on its size and level of complexity. However, most...

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How to reduce costs of your marketing team?

1. Reduce marketing costs While every business is different, there are two major categories of marketing costs: Direct costs - these are the expenses you incur directly related to your marketing efforts. These include things like paying for ads and services, travel...

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How to define marketing operations goals?

Define marketing operations goals Define marketing operations as the processes, systems and tools that enable marketing teams to be more productive, efficient and effective. Define marketing operations goals as the operational targets that you set to meet your overall...

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Marketing operations goals

Marketing operations is a major department in larger modern businesses. Marketing operations is a major department in larger modern businesses. The role of marketing is to drive revenue and growth, while the role of operations is to drive efficiency and cut costs....

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