Marketing collaboration: Marketing team and other deparments

by Feb 16, 2022

A real-life example of a non-Marketing company collaborating with the Marketing team

The marketing department of a company decided to collaborate with the HR department. The department had observed that employees were not happy, and they wanted to do something about it. So, they reached out to the HR team. The Marketing team brought together all their resources and put together an infographic on employee happiness.

The results? This collaboration resulted in an increase in employee retention rate by nearly 20%.

Marketing collaboration on a tactical level

  • Marketing team and other departments should meet regularly.
  • Marketing team should be open to working on projects with other departments.
  • Marketing team should be willing to help other departments with their marketing needs.
  • Marketing team should be willing to work with other departments to develop marketing campaigns that are in line with the marketing plan, including cross-promotions and co-branded efforts (i.e., where two companies collaborate on a campaign or product).

The most crucial connection points and how to use them

The biggest challenge for any Marketing team is to understand that your company is not a Marketing company, but rather a company that does marketing. This means that you have to work with other departments in order to create an effective strategy and successfully meet your goals.

You should also remember that most of these departments are trying to meet their own goals and will often prioritize them over yours. For example, if someone from sales comes in and says they need more leads than what you have currently been producing, they may be right—but this doesn’t mean they’re going to get them just because they asked nicely or threatened (or both). It’s up to you as the Marketing manager or owner/founder/presidente de la empresa (or whatever title applies) to make sure everyone understands what needs doing and why—and then come up with solutions together so everyone can succeed at their individual responsibilities while still being part of a cohesive whole!

Examples of collaboration on other levels

Collaboration on other levels

Collaboration is not just between marketing and other departments, it can also be between different teams within your marketing department.

For example, the content team might need to collaborate with the SEO team to ensure that the content is well optimized for search engines. Or perhaps there’s a new product launch and you need to work with PR to determine how best to announce it.

We do better together.

Marketing collaboration with other departments: Marketing teams often work closely with sales, customer service and technology to implement campaigns that affect the company as a whole.

Marketing collaboration with other companies: Working with other brands to promote each others’ products or services is an effective way for marketers to build alliances with their competitors.

Marketing collaboration with your audience: This can include everything from engaging in conversations on social media to asking customers what they think of your brand’s products.

Marketing collaboration with your team: A great marketing team inspires creativity among its members by encouraging them to be innovative while still sticking to the company’s values and goals. Teamwork is also important when creating content such as blogs or videos—it’s important that everyone works together as one team rather than individually.

Tomáš Javůrek

Tomáš Javůrek


A passionate marketer from 2009. Co-founder of Storymkrs.

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