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Get your marketing in order

One app for your marketing plan, financial plan, communication strategy, data and automatic evaluation.

“Storymkrs helps me keep my clients and team members on the same page.”

Daniel Nebřenský

Digital Strategist, Marketing agency Bootiq

Streamline your daily marketing routine

No more “Where’s the brief?”

Every marketer is overwhelmed with files, documents, spreadsheets, emails, tasks, requests, reports, plans, meetings, …
Keep all your campaign information with associated documents in one place and easily share it with your team and clients.

✅ Brief Budget Target group Communication plan
✅ Documents ✅ Data & Evaluation

The long-term plan you love

Marketing needs a long-term approach. But in the current world, change is inevitable. Create a long-term plan that adapts based on adjustments to individual campaigns and helps you stay in control of the plan, finances, and performance.

Long-term plan Financial plan Performance overview

One-click marketing evaluation

We live in a world of data. But figuring out whether our marketing is getting results is sometimes very difficult, We create Storymkrs to help you, marketers, plan marketing more easily and clearly, but also with the vision of marketing evaluation in one click.

Connect data from all systems to your marketing plans with one click and let Storymkrs work with the data for you.

30 hours each month per marketer
$500 each month per marketer

With all your people, plans and data in one place, you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Maria K.

Great customer support. Easy to use.
Strong feature set. Clear benefits.

Jan N.

Good visual design. Easy to use. Cost-effective.

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